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Everywhere I look on Instagram people are linking to a Linktree page in their bio.

It’s useful because we can only include one link in our bio and most people have content all over the internet that we’d like to send people to. Or we have more than one offer that we’re marketing.

Linktree lets us create a page on the internet and add as many links as we want. This sounds great but I have at least 7 reasons why I think that linktree is a bad idea.

1. It’s off-brand.

You have little control over branding on the linktree page. You can customise a linktree page, but you’ve got to pay for that. Most of us have spent a lot of time and perhaps a small fortune on getting our branding just right. So why waste all that effort.

2. Distracting messages.

Distracting messages at the bottom of a linktree page catch people’s attention. Although these can be important messages, they can potentially pull visitors from clicking on one of your links.

3. It steals your website traffic.

You’re adding one more step between Instagram and your website. You’re giving linktree the SEO juice rather than getting traffic to your website.

4. It may not be around long.

We don’t know how long linktree will be around. Services like this come and go.

5. Service unavailable.

linktree servers have been down recently. And you never know when this might happen. This means you can once again lose traffic to your content.

6. Complicates tracking analytics.

Sending traffic via linktree is going to make tracking behaviour and clicks on your website more difficult to interpret. Many people already struggle to understand Google analytics data for their website. And even more, do nothing with these data or interpret them incorrectly. Using linktree can make the whole process even more confusing.

7. Banned links.

We must check our outgoing email, as linktree links can sometimes be banned, or removed from emails or platforms when posted.

There is a simple alternative to

If you already have a website, then you simply create a page on your site that isn’t part of your menu navigation. You can remove the header and footer if you want so people remain focussed on the link content. You then add links to each piece of content as text links or buttons. Or even images. Then you add this link to your Instagram bio instead of a linktree page.

This way you’ll preserve your branding by having more control over how the page and links look, and traffic will come directly to your website from Instagram which will be easier to track and better for your SEO.

TAKEAWAY MESSAGE: Don’t bother with linktree. Instead, create the equivalent as a page on your website.

Perhaps I’ve missed a vital feature of linktree. If we already have a website and can easily add a new page to that website, why would we want to use a service like linktree?